Software development, consulting and contracting

Who we are

We are a team of scientists with a background in science, engineering and maths with many years of research experience spanning microscopy, image-processing and bioinformatics. Software development has been a core part of this work involving different sized teams, different management philosophies (e.g., agile management), a range of languages (e.g., Fortran, C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Python/Django and Swift). We have worked with a wide range of users with diverse backgrounds (e.g., biologists and medical practicioners) and learnt the hard way the importance of listening to our users and incorporating user experience testing early on into the design process. Working in academia, we are also used to delivering results while working on constrained budgets and writing successful grant applications to fund our work.

We now bring our knowledge, experience and unique perspective to software development in the private sector. We are friendly and patient, happy to discuss new ideas and projects and pride ourselves in delivering on time and on budget. We are very much a “playground of ideas”!

What we do

We specialise in developing iOS apps in Swift. We undertake full-stack development including understanding user requirements and developing storyboards, integrating with external datasources and APIs, developing datamodels and databases, deploying apps on the App Store, and maintaining apps.

In addition to developing bespoke apps for clients, we also develop our own apps that are available on the App Store. ImGenius is an example of a unique game concept that we have developed. With our strong maths background, we do not shy away from projects involving intricate maths or algorithms and are in fact quite keen to work on projects that for instance involve image processing.