ImGenius Basic

The puzzled cat

What is ImGenius Basic?

ImGenius Basic is a slimmed down free version of ImGenius. ImGenius was inspired by watching people trying to solve real jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles consist of fragment pieces of a picture which the player must piece togeher to get back the original image. While this concept works well if one has physical pieces, the idea does not translate well to a mobile environment where the player essentially wants to control all actions with a single finger.

With ImGenius we have completely redesigned the concept of a jigsaw puzzle for the mobile environment! An image is divided into a grid of cells and the cells are scrambled. The game objective is to unscramble the cells to get back the original image – simple ๐Ÿ™‚

The aim of the game is to restore the original image.
Rows and columns can slide and pieces that move out of the grid on one side appear on the other side.

A game for all ages and skill levels

You can choose the number of rows and columns to divide the picture into and the level of randomization to suit everyone from toddlers to expert puzzle ninjas!

An easy puzzle to placate a cranky toddler or a max-ed out puzzle to keep you busy for hours – you choose!

What is the difference between ImGenius Basic and ImGenius?

ImGenius Basic is a free app which is a slimmed down version of ImGenius. ImGenius Basic has 12 images in 3 categories whereas ImGenius comes packaged with over 100 high resolution and high quality images covering over 10 categories. If this isn’t enough you can import your own images – why not try a picture of a friend or family, or one of your holiday snaps.

In ImGenius you can import images by pressing the “+” button on the “Your Pics” view. This option allows you to snap an image with a camera.
You can import images from another application with the share button. Images will appear in the โ€œYour Picsโ€ category.

No internet required

Yes that’s correct, the game does not require an internet connection and can be played completely offline. Moreover, there are no in-game advertisements or purchases giving you some peace of mind.


The images used are free from copyright and are overwhelmingly taken from We have listed the sources and credits for the images here.

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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy with regards to the use of this app can be found here.


Can I change the scaling and position of an image?

Once you have selected an image, in the “Set Grid” view, you can move the image with a finger and zoom in and out using a pinch gesture.

What does the “๐Ÿ‘€” do?

Pressing this symbol cycles to a 50% transparency overlay of the correct image, the correct image, a schematic representation of the correct and incorrect cells and then back to the game board.

How does the score indicator work?

The blue fraction of the ring indicates the faction of cells that are correct and the red fraction indicates the fraction of cells that are incorrect. As the game progresses and hopefully you place pieces in their correct locations, the blue fraction of the ring will grow.

Can I save a game and continue later?

Your game is auto saved with every move. If you want to explicitly leave a game, press the home button. It will take you to the main game screen where you can select subsequent actions.

How do I share my results on social media?

Use the share button as shown below and then select the app you want to share with.

Can I change the name or delete ongoing or completed games?

Yes. Press the edit button on the “Continue” or “Hall of Fame” views. You can delete the game, change the name of the game and the rating.

What is ‘game rating’?

All games are by default given the rating of 5. You can adjust this to keep track of whether you think a game is easy or hard. We do not as yet have an “official” rating for games as this will not only depend on the complexity of the same in terms of number of rows and columns, but also on the image itself.

Why is the maximum number of rows and columns different on different devices?

The minimum cell size has determined from user testing – a cell needs to be big enough to fit the tip of the finger of a small child. As different devices have different resolutions, the max number of rows and columns is device dependent.